Activity 3: Marketing strategy

Set aside around one hour for this task

In this activity you will:

  • Learn about the value of marketing for your idea
  • Gain an overview of the core pillars of marketing
  • Understand the different approaches and tools to marketing and how to create a user friendly digital presence

What you’ll need:


What is a marketing strategy? 

A marketing strategy most often refers to how a business or organisation plans to attract potential customers, so letting people know it exists and engaging them.

Some important aspects that are usually included in a marketing strategy would be a brand identity (explained in the workshop), the platforms and methods you want to reach people, some key messaging and, most importantly, an understanding of who you want to reach e.g. who would be interested in using or buying your idea?


Watch this workshop kindly delivered by the YP Collective

Test what you've learnt so far!

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Extra resources

Want to know some more about marketing?

Check out this short video to go over the basics again

Canva has its own design school!

If you need some help using Canva, they’ve got some easy to follow tutorials 

Strikingly also has some great resources

They has some useful links including recommended sites for stock images and more!