Activity 4: Product Development

Set aside around one hour for this task

In this activity you will:

  • Start to refine your concept
  • Learn about different prototyping methods and conducting user research
  • Produce a drawing of your final idea

What you’ll need:

Note: all activities can be done with pen/pencil & paper but worksheets are available to download.

What is product development? 

Product development typically incorporates the stages of making an idea or concept into reality – an actual product or service. This is the stage where you would start to bring your idea to life.

For businesses, this might mean they already have a concept that has been chosen, which will have had some user testing and has an initial strong business plan showing its value. The next stage is to build a prototype of this product/service (a first or preliminary version of something). There are lots of different ways you can prototype, all the way from a sketch, to a 3D model or an actual working model. The cost and timing are important factors which may shape what method of prototyping a business chooses to use.

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Test what you've learnt so far!

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Congratulations on completing the Longitude Explorer summer camp! 

You’ve just come up with a fantastic idea that uses technology to help people live longer, live better, live together, or live greener. We can’t wait to see what you’ve designed!

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We really hope that you’ll continue to build on your idea, and maybe even apply to the next Longitude Explorer Prize with it!

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In the meantime also some other great organisations who can support you to continue to develop your idea, check some out on our More Inspiration page. 

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