Discover which ideas won the Longitude Explorer Prize 2020

With one of the toughest judging panels we’ve ever had this, as all of our Finalists this year were absolutely brilliant, we are BEYOND excited to share the winners of the Longitude Explorer Prize. 

Read more about the teams and their ideas below!

Our winner is...


TOMODACHI - Team Iscort

Their idea is a smartwatch app operating as a personal assistant to support us as we grow older. 

TOMODACHI was chosen as the winner as the Judges thought that the standard of research and detail put into the idea was extremely high, describing the work the team put into it as “outstanding”.

Their teamwork was clear and showed how it was an issue close to the team’s heart. 

Check out the teams submission video!

Our runners-up are...

Ocu-helper - Team iMedia

A product which uses spatial and visual AI to support those with visual impairments navigate their surroundings.


Ocu-helper was chosen a runner up by the judges as they felt this was a complex and big idea where the team had really delved into the research and design

Freewheelers - Team ADOA

An app which will create more accessible routes, such as avoiding difficult terrains, gradients and steps, as well as obstacles, for those who may need them.


Freewheelers was chosen as a runner up as this idea impressed the judges with its clear presentation and use of different applications of A.I

Ocean Cleanup - Walton S-AI-lors

A fleet of AI catamaran ships which travel the oceans scooping up the plastic that pollutes the water surface.

Ocean Cleanup

Ocean cleanup was chosen as the final runner up as the judges felt that the idea could have a significant impact on an important problem area and an innovative use of technology. 

The People’s Choice is...

Theo The Therapy Dog - Team Gowerton STF

Team Gowerton have designed an AI Therapy Dog to support children with Autism. 


With over 13k votes the public crowned Theo The Therapy Dog by Team Gowerton SFT as their winner. 

Well done to all of the teams that took part, you should be SO proud of yourselves!