Learn more about artificial intelligence

Use these resources and games to understand what AI can do and how it can be used!

So what is artificial intelligence (AI)?

Artificial intelligence is (predominantly) the ability for a computer or machine to mimic certain types of human intelligence, such as learning, problem solving, seeing and understanding images or language etc.

AI Factsheet

Do you know the difference between narrow AI and general AI?

Check out this AI factsheet for more information about what AI is and how it works.

AI Glossary

Get to know all the right terms around AI!

This AI glossary can be your cheat sheet when talking about your idea.

AI and ethics

What does AI, ethics and security have to do with each other?

Use this worksheet to help you think about all the different ways these issues are linked.

Get to know the different applications of AI with these games!

Machine Learning: technology that can learn from huge amounts of data with minimal input from humans.

Play Google Teachable machine: Teach a machine and create your own unique moves for the machine to learn!

Play Google Quick Draw: Learning is fun! Don’t believe me? Give Google Quick Draw a go and explore how AI learns by playing with it!

Computer Vision: technology that is able to see and understand the physical world in a similar way to us.

Play Move Mirror Experiment: Move to find images, and create your very own Gif!

Play Semi Conductor: Ever wanted to conduct your own Orchestra? With the power or machine vision you can!


Natural Language Processing: technology that understands us when we speak or write and can speak or write back to us

Play Semantris! Both a game and an experiment, play around and see how good the AI is at understanding phrases and references.

Play Talk to Books: Like reading? Ever had trouble finding that perfect book? Maybe AI can help you out with that…

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