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Group activities

What is Artificial intelligence and why is it important?

Introduce young people to some of the history and the basics of artificial intelligence with this group activity (15 mins):

Extra task: After the activity handout this AI security and ethics worksheet  to help get your group thinking about how the two are linked.


Download this AI factsheet  and AI glossary to give your group more information about what AI is and how it works.

Coming up with ideas and solutions

Theme 1: Living Longer (40 mins) How can technology help us meet the needs of an ageing population?

Theme 2: Living Better (40 mins) How can technology help us to live  healthier lives?


Use the Living longer information sheet and the Living better information sheet to help your group come up with ideas!

Coming up with ideas and solutions

Theme 3: Living Together (40 mins) How can technology can help us travel more easily, safely and greenly?

Theme 4: Living Greener (40 mins) How can technology help us live greener (more sustainably)





Use the Living together information sheet and the Living greener information sheet to help your group come up with ideas!

Taking ideas to the next level

Help your group to answer these questions and develop their ideas further!

  1. What could be the impact of their idea on people and the world around them?
  2. How is their idea different from what is already out there?
  3. What are the steps needed to build their idea?
  4. What security and ethical implications could their idea have?

Use this storyboarding exercise to encourage your group to think about the impact of their ideas (20 mins). 

Explore the different steps of product development with your group (20 mins). 

Support the young people you work with to think about the ethical and security implications of their ideas (20 mins). 

Additional helpful courses for educators

Raspberry Pi

Explore online training developed by Raspberry Pi.

Courses for both students and teachers on digital making and computing which are regularly updated.

Work through the fundamentals of computer science course developed by Code. New to computer science yourself?

Take their online teacher courses instead.


Make use of these STEM lesson plans developed by teachers for teachers with Microsoft.

Apps for Good

New courses specially created and designed by Apps for Good to support students working at home due to the Coronavirus epidemic and much more!


Use these curriculum-linked lesson plans developed by Micro:bit for computing in primary and secondary schools (Ks2 & Ks3).

BBC Teach

Check out lots of other fun and useful resources at BBC Teach. A favourite of ours:

Ever wondered about how computers communicate, look no further! Is code the language that really runs the world?

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