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Providing home support such as helping people to reduce energy consumption.

Smart Inhaler

Fitting a device onto regular asthma inhalers that helps asthmatics to manage their condition.

Put it down!

Helping users get information on a products health and environmental impact.


Supporting those struggling with anxiety & autism by sensing when the user is struggling.


Measuring the carbon-footprint of user’s rubbish each week, which is then displayed via an app.


Reducing plastic pollution in the world with minimal impact on marine life.

Urban Micro Farm

Using A.I. to help farmers increase agricultural productivity and manage pests.

Sign-to-word AI App

Supporting students who are hard of hearing to develop their writing and vocabulary skills.


Supporting students with Special Educational Needs to take part in lessons remotely.

Safe Route Home

Enabling users to stay safe when navigate new areas via the safest, most efficient routes.

#BeMe Healthy Eating App

Helping users track their eating habits and encouraging healthy alternatives.


Providing a personal assistant for the elderly and vulnerable to help track their health.


Helping those with memory loss with a personalised assistant in a smart watch.

EVA (Emergency Vibrating Alarm)

Alerting nursing staff to their patients needs through a wearable piece of tech.

Bacteriophage Production Technologies (BPT)

Addressing the antibiotic resistance crisis by developing bacteriophages using A.I.

Dimming Dyslexia

Using A.I. to translate texts for dyslexic students into an easier format.


Helping the visually impaired or hard of hearing to retain independence with a pair of smart glasses.

Ocean Cleanup

Collecting plastic waste in the ocean to help reduce pollution levels via autonomous ships.

My Little Memory

Supporting people with dementia via an app which stores memories and information.


Identifying the best and most efficient routes for wheelchair users and pushchairs.

Robotic Beach Rover (RBR)

Detecting, collecting and sorting rubbish which is left on beaches via a robotic system.

AI Load of Rubbish

Sorting rubbish in complexes, such as flats, into what can and cannot be recycled.


Helping to reduce food waste by planning meals according to use-by dates.

Med Bot

Delivering medication to vulnerable people with limited mobility via specialist robots.

Theo the Therapy Dog

Supporting autistic children who may not be able to have a real dog at home.


Using location and crime data to enable users to take the safest routes.

Dundee Discover AI

Using A.I. to enable public buses to take the most green and efficient journeys.

5μm Wearable Lifesaver

Predicting and detecting blood clots via a wearable device, to help prevent them.


Allow young people to keep track of their daily emotions and feelings via a visual diary.

Tech T-Shirt

Detecting irregular heart rhythms (heart arrhythmia) and informing the correct services.


Supporting the visually impaired to stay safe when travelling using sensors and cameras to provide guidance.

Learn Like You

Identifying children’s learning style and then delivering learning experience catered to them.


Detecting when an individual falls and alerting the relevant services straight away.

Social Kindness

Reducing online bullying through monitoring messages on social media.

Hello World

Making social media more accessible for deaf people by using A.I. to change words into sign text.

Loneliness buddy

Preventing loneliness among isolated people who can’t get out of their homes through a talking pod.

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